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Guatemala Maragogype

From the  Mt. Hagen Estate. The beans are unique for their very large size are often referred to as “Elephant Beans”. Excellent flavour and bouquet- full bodied but with a pleasant hint of sharpness.

Hacienda Monte Alto

Finest quality coffee from Puerto Rico. A strong, full bodied, well balanced coffee without any bitterness.

Hawaiian Kona

Cornwell Estate is located at 1500 feet elevation in the heart of the Kona Coffee Belt. A very superior quality coffee with a mild smooth taste. It has a deliciously rich flavour, full body and fine aroma. Imagine the sunshine and the sand with soft pacific breezes… what a way to end that special ‘ a deux’.

Jamaica Blue Mountain

This is a quintessential classic coffee grown on the Flamstead Estate. Flamstead’s natural conditions of even rainfall, excellent microclimate for coffee and mist drenched slopes form the base for an excellent cup of coffee. Blue Mountain is considered the “Rolls Royce” of all coffees. Its rarity, due to the limitations of the growing area is reflected in the price.Is subtly complex with a smooth texture, generous aroma and delicately balanced body and acidity.


Papua New Guinea

From the mountainous Eastern Highlands (Purosa district) where the soil is rich and dark in colour, having volcanic origins, this coffee is produced by traditional methods, the trees have never seen chemical fertilizers, or pesticides. Its chocolate and nut flavour has a distinctive fruity aftertaste.



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