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  • Barry's Organic Peppermint
    Barrys Organic Peppermint
    A fresh herbal infusion with a refreshing aroma and taste
    Price: 3.10
  • Barry's Organic Green Tea
    Barrys Organic Green Tea
    Made from 100% organic green tea leaves grown to highest organic standards
    Price: 3.10
  • Barry's Earl Grey Tea
    Barry's Earl Grey Tea
    A refreshing and fragrant tea blend with a distinctive flavour and aroma
    Price: 4.45
  • Barry's Very Berry
    Barry's Very Berry
    A refreshing blend of red berries, with a hint of elderberries
    Price: 3.10
  • Barry's Decaf
    Barry's Decaf
    Barry's Decaf blend is less than 0.2% caffeine.
    Price: 3.85
  • Barry's Lemon & Ginger
    Barry's Lemon and Ginger
    A unique blend of citrus and spice.
    Price: 3.10
  • Barry's Organic Camomile
    Barry's Organic Camomile
    A comforting and fragrant cup of soothing Barry's Organic Camomile Tea.
    Price: 3.10

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Free delivery on all orders over €30
(Ireland & UK only)