Mahers Pure Coffee

Colombian Red Honey


This coffee originates from the Finca El Imperial farm in Colombia. It is a family farm since 1972 when Jorge Isaza acquired this land that was part of Hacienda Namay, a well-known coffee farm.

The honey process from which this coffee uses to dry is what makes this such an interesting and tasting coffee.

We have roasted this coffee to be best suited as a filter coffee and its best flavours can be found using an Aeropress!  It has soft aromas of caramel to tantalise your tastebuds.

Tastes | Soft, Caramel Critic, Clean, Herbal

Origin | Cundinamarca

Altitude | 1400 - 1800m above sea level

Process | Honey

Strength | Medium

Cupping Score | 86

Herbal Variety | Castillo

Farm | Finca El Imperial


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