Rex-Royal S300 CT

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Power: from 5.2 kW to 9.20 kW
Can be single or 3 phase

Dimensions: 599.5x474x733

Fridge: 599.5x300x733

The S545 accentuates the innovative design and the amazing qualities of the new generation of coffee machines most clearly. The integrated hot water/steam system has an hourly output of 58 litres and therefore also fulfils the highest time and capacity requirements. The S545 can be fitted with a third grinder for an even more diverse range of coffees and a simple milk solution if necessary. A ventilation system of the grinders ensures the highest quality of bean processing and prevents reroasting of the beans in the container. Now the S545 also offers a high-performance power steam with temperature monitoring. The consistent milk guarantees perfect milk foam.

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