We are all creatures of habit and plunging our cafetières for our morning cup of coffee is the ideal way to start the day. In fact, every part of this morning ritual is something many of us would not be without. From smelling the rich aroma as you open the bag of coffee, measuring out just the right amount, pouring over the boiling water and waiting for the optimum moment to plunge. Life is perfect.

However, when it comes to disposing of the coffee grounds, many of us are not quite so mindful and chucking them down the sink seems to be a fairly standard practice.

Theories abound on whether this is a good idea or if it's a complete menace for the drains. But while you contemplate this, there are many benefits to reintroducing your used coffee grounds back to the natural environment.

Gardeners have long since been conscious of the benefits of used coffee grounds in your garden and here are just a few ideas to swirl around the cup!


  1. Composting is one of the best and most useful ways of disposing of your used coffee grounds and is as simple as just adding them onto the normal compost for general garden use.They are full of nutrients and a great way to introduce Nitrogen into the soil to encourage healthy growth.
  2. Mulch - Many gardeners use the waste coffee grounds as a mulch in their garden. This enriches the soil as the organic matter breaks down over time and helps to retain moisture in the soil.
  3. Bug & Insect Repellent – Used coffee grounds are great for deterring nasty bugs and insects in your garden and can be sprinkled around the base of plants to keep the slugs and snails away and means you don't have to use nasty chemicals.
  4. Encouraging Worms – every garden needs worms to help with soil structure and fertility and worms love the organic matter created by used coffee grounds!


So now you know the benefits, make sure your daily grind includes the garden!