Questions people normally ask

Do you deliver?

We have our own delivery service to our customers in the greater Munster area and we provide a courier service for the rest of the country.

How do I submit an order?

Our staff will phone you one day prior to an agreed delivery schedule to take your order.

What kind of training can you give me?

We will provide full barista and machine maintenance training free of charge either on site at your premises or at our dedicated training centre.

Can you supply me with a unique coffee for my business?

We offer a free tasting session at our tasting centre where you can select an unique blend for your business.

Do you supply machines?

Yes, we have a full range of machines and can demonstrate them to you at our tasting centre. Using our experience we can advise you on the most suitable equipment based on your business needs.

Do you have service engineers?

Yes we have full time dedicated engineers who are fully trained to service all our machines.

What other beverages do you supply?

We have a full range of specialty teas, syrups, sauces and hot chocolate.

Can you supply me with all the accessories that I need?

Yes we can supply a full range including cups, biscuits, sugars, marshmallows and also machine accessories.

Do you have point of sale material for my premises?

Yes we can supply swing signs, window/door signs and table menus.

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