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El Salvador Los Luchadores


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Lucha Libre exploded across Latin America following the appearance of El Santo in Mexico in the 1942. The energetic aerial acrobatics performed by both luchadores tecnicos (good) and luchadores rudos (bad) produced many well-known fighters from El Salvador.

JASAL are known for their processing flexibility and eye for detail producing many top lots, and Los Luchadores is the ‘Prize Fighter’. Extra commitment and effort has to be taken to make sure the picking and processing are consistently in line with expectations. This is reflective of the effort that prizewinning luchadores put in and so the name was a natural choice. Even the sacks are hand painted.

Pacamara (an El Salvadorian cross between Pacas and Maragogype) is gathered from two contributing farms. El Molino provides the most with a smaller contribution from San Francisco.

Cherry is processed at their centralised processing mill, Beneficio Los Cruces. After wet processing, coffee is soaked, Kenyan style, for 10 hours in clean water before being soaked again in another batch of clean water. The result is subtle, but improves clarity, depth and body.

Tastes | Grapefruit, Marmalade, Cranberry, Chocolate

Origin | Cordelliera de Apeneca

Altitude | 1400 - 1600m above sea level

Process | Washed, Double Soaked

Strength | Medium

Cupping Score | 85.5

Herbal Variety | Bourbon, Pacas, Caturra, Catuai

Farm | El Molino, Salaverria family


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