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Kona Coffee & Tea is an award-winning, family owned and operated coffee company in Hawaii specializing in sustainably farmed, single estate coffee.

Their “Seed to Sip” farm to cup process begins more than 2,000 feet above sea level, in Waiono Meadows on the verdant slopes of Hualalai in Kona. It’s in this lofty region where their coffee farm receives the perfect amount of sun, rain, and nutrients — all the right ingredients that make Kona Coffee one of the best specialty coffees in the world.

Hand picked in spring, coffee is wet processed and mechanically dried to maintain control and therefore quality. The coffee is then milled and sorted keeping all processing within a 10-mile radius from the farm.

Tastes | Apricot & Crisp Fruit

Origin | Kona

Altitude | 1600 - 1000m above sea level

Process | Washed

Strength | Medium

Cupping Score | 84.25

Herbal Variety | Typica


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