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Peru Bourbon


This coffee lot is produced by Yonal and his wife Imelda on their farm El Laurel in the village El Vencedor. This is a very humid district, it offers fertile soils and has in general very favourable conditions for specialty coffee production.

This microlot is made from a variety which is quite a mystery. While some refer to it as a resistant Bourbon, others call it a tall Catimor. Both are wrong and both are right!

The tree is tall and has long branches similar to a Bourbon but it is also dense with short internodes like a Catimor. What’s more, it produces excellent quality like a Bourbon and produces high yields and proves to be resistant to leaf rust like Catimor.

We hope that you enjoy this coffee!

Tastes | Cacao, Carmel & Sweet Lemon

Origin | Jaén, Cajamarca

Altitude | 1756 m above sea level

Process | Washed

Strength | Medium

Cupping Score | 84

Herbal Variety | Bourbon & Catimor (local)

Farm | El Laurel


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