Bravilor TH Filter Machine

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Unplumbed Filter Coffee Machine (for airpot or vacuum flask).

The TH-series enables you to brew delicious fresh coffee, quickly and simply in any location and into a Bravilor Bonamat airpot or vacuum container. Those being specifically designed to preserve flavour for a long time. The airpot and vacuum container can then be moved to serve coffee locally. LED controlled operation and stainless steel filter pan make our machines easy to use. Operation and maintenance require little time.  

Without water connection.

Options: Self-regulating hot plates, Cup warmer WHK preheats cups and mugs, Airpot Furento or Advanta vacuum container, Multi-usable Airpot station for two airpots, accessories and ingredients, Airpot drip tray: to keep the work surface clean.

Height: 54,5cm/21,5inch

Width: 23,5cm/9,3inch

Depth: 40,6cm/16inch

Voltage: 230V (Single Phase)

Power: 2310Watt

Current: 10Ampere

Holding capacity: 2,2liter

Brewing time: (2,2liter) approx 7 minutes

Throughput per hour: approx 19liter(152 cups)

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